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RO and Mixedbed DI Application(<0,2microS/cm)



Food (Oil Factory)  
Reverse Osmosis System,
Degasifier Unit and Mixedbed DI System
Raw Water Source
Well Water
30 m3/h (690 m3/day)
RO System Efficiency
RO Working Pressure
14-15 bar
RO Inlet Conductivity
449-500 microS/cm
RO Outlet Conductivity
< 15microS/cm
Mixedbed DI Inlet Conductivity
< 15microS/cm
Mixedbed DI Outlet Conductivity
< 0.2microS/cm
Total Operating Cost
0,2 €/m3 product water


System Description



This system includes the production of factory’s process water and boiler feeding water by treating the well water with Reverse Osmosis System, Degasifier Unit and Mixedbed DI System.

The feeding water of the boiler Units has to have <0,2microS/cm conductivity value. To achieve this value, the inlet water first enters the pretreatment unit and Reverse Osmosis system and after that the water passes through the Degasifier unit and gets to the Mixedbed DI Unit with tandem working principle. At the inlet of Mixedbed DI Unit the water has <15 microS/cm conductivity value, and after the Mixedbed DI unit the outlet water has <0,2microS/cm conductivity value that needed.


The Units Used in the System



1. Chlorine Dosing Unit

2. Automatic Multimedia Filtration Units, TAF F72E
3. Automatic Activated Carbon Filter, TAF C72E
4. Acid Dosing Unit
5. Sodiummetabisulfite Unit
6. Antiscalant Dosing Unit
7. Reverse Osmosis, TAF ROC8-30P
8. Membrane Chemical Cleaning Unit
9. Degasifier Unit, AISI 304, TAF DGZ30
10. Mixed Bed DI Unit, TAF MBD48ET
11. Central PLC Unit, SIEMENS
        - 10" Touch Panel, colored
        - Pressure, water flow (production and concentrate), outlet water
          conductivity and alarms can be traced at the screen
        - Saved data can be transferred to computer with USB



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