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Seawater RO System with Energy Recovery



Seawater Treatment System
Raw Water Source
Well Water
100 m3/day (4,2m3/h)
RO System Efficiency        
RO Working Pressure
62 bar
RO Inlet Conductivity
60.000 microS/cm
RO Outlet Conductivity
<1.000 microS/cm
Operating Cost
0,55 €/m3 product water


System Description



The increase in water sources leads to the mixing in well water and seawater and this mixing increases the conductivity values of well water. Seawater Reverse Osmosis System is designed for this site to obtain their drinking and usage water appropriate to the TS266 Standards from their sites well water which has seawater characteristics.
The energy recovery system which is a very economic option for Reverse Osmosis systems designed for seawater with high conductivity values is used in this project and with this, approximately %40 energy saving is provided. Also all the equipments are constructed in a sound (<45dB) and weather proof container.


The Units Used in the System



1.      Prechlorination Unit
2.      Automatic Multimedia Filtration Unit, TAF F750P
3.      Acid dosing Unit
4.      Sodiummetabisulfite Dosing Unit
5.      Antiscalant Dosing Unit
6.      Reverse Osmosis Unit, SW-ROC8-100PX
-       15" Colored, Touch screen
-       Can be traced from a computer and data changes can be done easily
-       Water flow, conductivity, pressure, temperature etc. data are saved
-       Saves all the possible errors at the system and sends the data by e-mail and sms.
8.      Membrane ChemicalCleaning Unit
9.      Dolomite Filter
10.   Post Chlorination Unit




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