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Complete AISI316 RO System For Food Industry



Food and Beverage
(Drinking Water Production)
Reverse Osmosis System
Raw Water Source
Well Water
45 m3/h
RO System Efficiency        
RO Working Pressure
10 bar
RO Inlet Conductivity         
300 microS/cm
RO Outlet Conductivity        
<10 microS/cm
Operating Cost
0,109 €/m3 product water

System Description



For the food industry, it is highly important to select all the equipments acceptable for food production. In this application system is designed with AISI316 quality to ensure the specific needs of drinking water production processes. The low inlet water conductivity and the GE Desal membranes’ quality lets us reveive good results with <25 microS/cm outlet conductivity.


Units Used in the System



  1. Stainless Steel Body, Polypropylene Cartridge Filter, TAF SSF2240
  2. Antiscalant Dosing Unit
  3. Reverse Osmosis, TAF ROC8L-48P
  4. PLC System, SIEMENS, 10" Touch Panel, colored
  5. CIP Unit, TAF CIP4


Application Pictures


RO System

RO System

PLC System (Siemens)

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